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Vemo V15-60-6067 Oil Cooler, automatic transmission for VW

Vemo V15-60-6067 Oil Cooler, automatic transmission for VW

Vemo V15-60-6067 Oil Cooler, automatic transmission for VW
VEMO V15-60-6067 Oil Cooler, automatic transmission for VW. MULTIVAN V (7HM, 7HN, 7HF, 7EF, 7EM, 7EN).

TRANSPORTER V Bus (7HB, 7HJ, 7EB, 7EJ, 7EF, 7EG, 7HF, 7EC). TRANSPORTER V Platform/Chassis 7JD, 7JE, 7JL, 7JY, 7JZ, 7FD. Chassis number from : 7J-3-000 001, Chassis number to : 7J-3-001 000. TRANSPORTER V Van (7HA, 7HH, 7EA, 7EH).

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  • Hersteller: VEMO
  • Herstellernummer: V15-60-6067
  • EAN: 4046001854590
  • Produkttyp: Oil Cooler, automatic transmission
  • OE/OEM Referenznummer(n): AUDI 7H0 317 019 B, SEAT 7H0 317 019 B, SKODA 7H0 317 019 B, VAG 7H0 317 019 B, VW 7H0 317 019 B
  • Referenznummer(n) OEM: AKS DASIS 046022N, AUTOGAMMA 105228, AUTOMOTOR France PRD3770, AVA QUALITY COOLING VW3310, BEHR HELLA SERVICE 8MO 376 729-631, HELLA 8MO 376 729-631, HOFFER 8095183, MAGNETI MARELLI 359001603210, MAHLE CLC 62 000P, MEAT & DORIA 95183, NISSENS 90722, OSSCA 23845, PRASCO VW3310, SIDAT 590183, VAN WEZEL 58003310
  • Gebr-Nummer(s): V15-60-6067
  • Transmission Type: 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

Vemo V15-60-6067 Oil Cooler, automatic transmission for VW